Greater Niagara Ballet Company presents:


An International holiday tradition, where students from the Niagara region can audition to be a part of this timeless and beloved ballet.  We are a part of the Greater Niagara Ballet Company and our students audition every year for parts in this beloved ballet.IMG_2984


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Cecchetti Ballet Exams

Congratulations to our ballerinas who have completed and passed their following grades:


Grade One: Farrah G, Olivia G, Mia M, Ailah T, Abbey S, Isabella S, Nataya S, Lily G, Makenna M, Callie M, Megan F, Kylie S, Gabriella P, Andrianna P, Bianca T, Carly T, Ella S, Madelyn W, Ella S, Tessie M, Lexy G, Isabella M, Madeline M, Jade S

Grade Two: Isabella M, Jade S, Laura A

Grade Three: Olivia S, Weichen X, Brooklyn S, Virginia C, Ella M, Amira S, Helena B, Ava N, Isabella B,

Grade Four: Daisy B, Kadence M, Grace R, Madison S, Olivia D, Angel S

Grade Seven: Claire D, Carlyn M, Julia V

Grade Nine: Tatum M

Teachers Certificate 1: Mariette F, Serena F